We At Do It Yourself Cottage Watch do not manufacture any of are products. We are a Distributor and Installer. We work very closely with the manufactures of these products. In doing so we provide are clients with the best quality products at the time of purchase.

We would like to show you all the products that we deal with and are available for you to buy; but unfortunately we would need a website hundreds of pages long. So we have provided details of the main products we deal with today, and provide you with a good understanding of some of the features that they have.


For indoor/outdoor purposes we suggest Dome Cameras which can be purchased in both Black/White and Color. They also have many features on them such as Vandal Proof (can't be unscrewed), and Infrared to see at night up to 10m or about 35 feet. The more lines of resolution on the camera the better the picture quality will be.

For outdoor purposes only Bullet Cameras are great with clear picture quality and weather proofing these cameras provide you with great video surveillance all year around.


Central Video Stations

The OZline products are a central video station were all your cameras connect. These stand alone units are very reliable. As long as you have a phone line and power to your cottage you're ready to go. No internet needed. Each unit has a built-in 56K modem, viewer software (windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP) just take the download disc home install the program call your vacation property enter in a four digit number and up pops your property on your computer screen. There is no need for a computer on site.

OzLine 4VM is a black and white unit holds four cameras.

OzLine 4VC is a color unit holds four cameras ability to remotely control lights, sounders, and two way voice communications.

OzLine 12VC is a color unit holds 12 cameras can remotely control lights, doors, as well as pan/tilt/zoom functions, built in backup power, automatic cellular backup, internal tamper switch great unit to watch more then one cottage.

Ozline 4VM, Ozline 4VC, Ozline 12VC

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders are the newest in recording technology. Saving you the hassle of changing VHS tapes, the DVR conveniently records to a self stored hard drive. DVR's have the capability of recording on a schedule or even on motion detection. With a networkable DVR you have the capability of accessing your DVR from remote locations with Internet access. Save yourself the hassle of a time-lapse VCR. DVR's also have the ability to record each channel at 30fps rather than record only one channel at a time on a VCR.

Available in 4, 8 and 16 channel versions


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